12 of the Best Instagram Management Apps

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Instagram filters are passé. You need professional-grade tools to create stunning imagery that your followers will love. VSCO is a reputable photo editing app for Instagram with a full-featured free version.

The free edition of VSCO comes with 10+ original presets and standard editing tools to modulate contrast, grain, and saturation. You also get to connect with other content creators and learn from their valuable input.

If you need advanced features such as HSL and borders and video editing, you can opt for a VSCO membership, which costs $ 29.99 a year. For that price, you get 200+ presets and film emulation presets to recreate the vintage look.

VSCO social media tool

Are You One Of These Businesses?

eCommerce Brands

Influencers & Creators

You have a vision and plan to generate income and run your own creator business – but have to wear many hats to make it all work. For just dollars a day, AiGrow be an extension of you as we grow, engage and streamline your page.

New Accounts or Entering the North American Market

Starting from scratch is always a challenge. You need to create content, develop a style and flow, come up with ideas, generate followers, and streamline your work. AiGrow will get you up and running in a matter of weeks.

Social Media Agencies

Social Media Agencies Developing strategy, killer creative and controlling costs is the name of the game for you. Extend your capabilities and generate more profit using AiGrow’s low cost, expert team – and powerful tools.

Local Shop Owners

Running a local shop is tiring work and marketing on Instagram usually falls to the wayside. For just a few dollars a day, you can have an Instagram concierge driving new people to your shop, posting great content, monitoring activity and more.

Brand Owners

Businesses today must have a social media presence, and that goes beyond simply posting some content or replying to some comments. AiGrow can be your Instagram “right hand person” to make sure you are always engaging, growing, and staying top of mind.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a global influencer marketing and talent agency, representing social media influencers on the most visual social media channels of Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Snapchat. They focus on both halves of influencer marketing, acting both as an agency for companies wanting to engage in influencer marketing, as well as representing the influencers themselves. They claim to have the largest exclusive talent network in the industry.

They are a full-service agency, covering everything from creator contracting, creative development, content creation and paid amplification – using their selected network of influencers. Viral Nation claims to have a staggering 400,000,000 engaged consumers across all of their campaigns and platforms.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory

They are a full-service agency, from influencer marketing campaign creation to talent management, passing by social media and native ads management. As long as you tell them your company goals, they can create a tailored and optimal strategy for your brand, including influencer identification, KPIs setup, authentic and native storytelling, management, contracting, and detailed reporting and analytics.

The agency can support your brand in influencer marketing activities that will generate brand awareness, increase conversions and sales, and drive traffic to a landing page, eCommerce page, or app. They recognize that Instagram is a core social media channel with outstanding ROI and results. This is because it combines the power of catchy videos and photos for brand awareness and the possibility of driving traffic thanks to Instagram Stories and Swipe Ups. They track every click and will create an extensive report for you at the end of the campaign.

All eyes on your Instagram

We get it, getting noticed on Instagram is tough, as is increasing your Instagram impressions. Hitting the explore page isn’t the only way to grow your Instagram followers. Meaningful engagement in the form of likes, follows, and story views help you get noticed too! Nitreo gets people looking at your brand, growing you on auto pilot.

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Creators, businesses, agencies and many more

Creators, businesses, social media managers and agencies all love Nitreo because we’re efficient. Getting more followers, likes and and engagement is possible with Nitreo, regardless of whether you own a photography account or you’re the local shop around the corner. Nitreo works for all types of creators, businesses, and also doubles up as an agency solution for social media management.

Instagram content statistics

Average engagement rate per post is 0.98%

ig eng rate

RivalIQ’s benchmark report in 2021 notes that Instagram engagement rates dropped by 25%. The median across all industries is now 0.98%. For influencers, though, the engagement rate per post is much higher at 1.42%. This rate far surpasses the ones on Facebook (0.19%) and Twitter (0.04%).

Carousel posts have the highest engagement rate per impression

average engagement rate by impressions

Let’s start with the average engagement rate per impression. SocialInsider found that the carousel type is the winner for every account size. This is noticeable if you have a smaller account. Accounts with under 5000 followers have the highest engagement rates per impressions (8.01% for carousel posts).

retention rate by number of stories

91% of active IG users watch videos weekly

In Stories, you have the option of posting image or video content. For accounts with fewer than 100k followers, image content beats out video content for story reach. This study shows that brands should focus more on images in their story content.

instagram story reach by type of content

graphic showing the most engaging types of in-feed social content

Based on the Sprout Social Index™ 2022, 66% of consumers found short-form video to be the most engaging type of in-feed social content, up from 50% in 2020. Another study found that 68% of video marketers plan to include Instagram video in their 2022 video marketing strategy, up 10% from the previous year. Don’t be the brand that gets left behind.

Tuesday is the best day to post on Instagram

Best times to post on Instagram Global 2022

Key takeaways

Instagram advertising statistics

50% of Instagram users visit a website after seeing it in Stories

It’s daunting to choose where you want your IG ads to be placed. If your goal is to drive action to your website, you’re in luck. Instagram found that “50% of Instagrammers have visited a website to buy a product/service as a result of seeing it in Stories.” To make it easier for consumers to visit your website, add a product tag to the post.

Using product tags increase product page visits

Average IG CPC is 800.23

instagram cpc by campaign objective

93% of marketers plan to use Instagram for influencer marketing

The influencer marketing industry is still growing. A survey found that 93% of marketers and agencies planned on using Instagram. When broken down into types, 83% named Instagram Stories and 36% said Instagram Reels.

most popular social media for influencer marketing

When you find the right creator to partner with, both parties benefit. This natural fit is found to be 25% more relevant for users. Instagram makes it easy to showcase a partnership with the Branded Content tag. And when you mix Branded Content Ads with a brand ad, you’re 90% more likely to drive cost-effective action than either tactic individually.

Key takeaways



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